Sample Writing Piece:


As I panted and puffed my way up the steep hill in the intense summer sun, I knew I was getting closer and closer to my prize. I was just seconds away; sweat was trickling down my face, but this would be my reward for the gruelling slog of my midsummer walk.

I pushed open the door of the ice-creamery and was treated to an onslaught of the senses! The tantalizing smell, the brilliant colours, tingling tastebuds, excited voices – this was the essence of my childhood summers.

Soon enough I was in the queue waiting patiently (although on the inside my hunger and thirst threatened to overpower me) and then finally it was my turn. Within seconds I was holding it, the most beautiful sight I had seen; a rich lavender coloured, berry flavoured 2 scoop ice-cream in the most perfectly formed waffle cone known to man.

I had decided to eat my tasty treat on the bench outside the ice-creamery overlooking the Cornish sea, however I couldn’t resist, I closed my eyes and as I took that first lick the terrifically cold sensation sent a satisfying chill through my body.

As I pushed open the door to make my way out of the shop the heat of the sun hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily the bench was free and was partially in the shade. DRIP! DRIP! By the time I had sat down the ice-cream had trickled and danced down making the most intricate patterns in the grooves of the cone. It continued running down my arm and without feeling guilty or worrying about being impolite, I licked at my sticky arm.

 A sinister looking seagull landed on the opposite side of the bench, I shooed the scavenger away; I had fallen into its trap once before and no way was that greedy gull getting its beak into my gloopy goodness again!

I carried on with the task at hand as time was ticking. I was an ice-cream eating machine, yet still managed to take in the summer sea that was as blue and sparkly as a sapphire. Oh how I wish summer would last forever!

Finished, full and feeling satisfied, a breeze suddenly kicked up making it the perfect time to commence my leisurely walk home – this time downhill!