Sample Writing Piece:


I walked quickly up the steep hill in the hot summer sun, sweating and panting but I knew I was getting closer and closer to my delicious treat. I was so close I could almost taste the sweet, sugary ice-cream. As I climbed the steep hill, I thought about the delicious treat waiting for me.

I tiredly pushed open the heavy door of the ice-cream shop, I was so excited to see the colourful display of ice-cream and to smell the sweet scent of homemade waffle cones – I almost drooled!

Soon I was standing in the enormous queue feeling very, very hungry and then finally it was my turn! I quickly placed my order and in a flash I was holding my lavender coloured, berry flavoured 2 scoop ice-cream in a perfectly formed waffle cone. I held it very carefully, as if I was holding precious jewels!

I had decided to enjoy my tasty treat on the bench outside the ice-cream shop because it had the most amazing view of the sea but I just couldn’t wait, I closed my eyes and took a careful lick.

As I pushed open the door to make my way out of the shop the hot wind blew towards me, so I made my way over to the bench and sat on the side that had some shade. DRIP! DRIP! By the time I had sat down the ice-cream had already started to melt! It ran and dripped down the cone making patterns like a snail’s trail. Then it ran down my arm and without thinking, I quickly licked at my sticky arm.

 An angry seagull landed on the other side of the bench, I shooed the horrible bird away. Just last week it had swooped at me which scared me so much that I had dropped my ice-cream and it had greedily gobbled it up! No way was that gull getting my lovely treat today.

Sitting down I became an ice cream eating machine but still enjoyed the view of the summer sea. It was as blue as a sapphire. Oh how I wish summer would last forever!