Interest Based Learning through Learning by Topic Frameworks

We all work better and learn more effectively when we are motivated, engaged and interested in the task at hand and Education Boutique’s Learning by Topic Frameworks support interest based and child lead learning.

Education Boutique’s Learning by Topic Frameworks have been carefully and individually constructed to support learners of all different ages and abilities.

Learning by Topic Frameworks can also be referred to as thematic units, integrated units, connected outcome groups and contracts. It is the process of children learning across all learning areas/subjects through a single topic (in this case a personalised and interest-based topic).

Interest based units of work have been proven to assist and enhance learning for children with a variety of needs and skills:

  • Children learning English as an additional language
  • Gifted and talented children (the units promote higher order thinking – thinking outside the box)
  • Children with autism and other additional needs
  • Reluctant learners

Our frameworks encourage children to be investigators, observers, explorers and creators. We encourage children to take ownership of their learning and all learning experiences are written in child friendly and child directed language.

These frameworks are a perfect resource for parents to use in their home-schooling environment, for tutors to use to further enhance their students learning and for children who are looking for challenges during school holiday periods.

We have a bank of existing frameworks on a variety of topics and also create bespoke frameworks to meet the individual student’s interest. For more information on the frameworks please visit:

 Brooke McClure, Lead Resource Teacher at Education Boutique

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