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1. De-registration

It’s vital that parents considering Home Education, understands the implications of de-registering a child from school. By doing so, you lose your place in your current placement and will become financially responsible for your child’s education. 

If your child is Year 9 or above, you should start to think about whether you would like to register for GCSE exams or take a different route. All will have financial implications.

If you are considering de-registering a child with an EHCP, you should first consult your SENCO to discuss the reasons why you feel this is a necessary step for your son or daughter. Check that an alternative provision placement or home tutoring is not an option. Education Boutique are registered as an alternative provision provider with a number of local authorities and schools and we would be happy to explain how we can help.

We specialise in supporting the parents of children with ASD, PDA or EDA diagnosis to find the best placement. 

2. To tutor, or not to tutor?

We understand that deciding to Home Educate is a huge decision. Therefore, we aim to provide varying levels of support to Home Educating families. Let’s be clear: you do not NEED a tutor. However, many people chose to involve one.

We provide every level of support for Home Educating Families. Our experienced team of professionals will be here to support you, no matter what you need.

We help our clients with parent consultations and topic planning all the way to full time residential teachers and teams of tutors.

3. The Benefits Of Home Education

The most commonly reported benefit of Home Education comes from the self paced and self directed nature. Quite simply, whatever is important to your family, can be built into the learning programme. You will be in control.

The first month of Home Education will seem daunting and many parents have wobbles about whether they are doing the right thing. Therefore, we recommend making a list of reasons why you are de-registering, at the time of doing so. This will allow you to remember how far you have come. 

Don’t worry about the social side of things either, there are a multitude of ways that you can ensure that your child keeps in contact with friends and integrates into local Home Ed Activities. 

Education Boutique are professional, engaging and would recommend them in a heartbeat. My son improved so much with his maths and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future for my other children. Tutors are found to suit your personal requirements and I look forward to try out the online tutoring sessions.
Alice O'Sullivan
From Windsor UK
Have thoroughly recommended Education Boutique to friends of mine. Rebekah and Romy are wonderful tutors who were both reliable, encouraging and fully engaging during the October half term break... my daughter, secretly of course, even would admit to enjoying the daily sessions! We will be using Education Boutique again for sure! Thank you so much, Samantha
From London
Hugely impressed with the progress my son has made through Education Boutique. Tutor has a professional and friendly manner.
From UK
Professional and supportive Education Boutique are a fantastic agency. After matching me with a wonderful family, Lucy supported me through every step of my journey abroad. She has a superb knowledge of the tutoring industry and cannot be faulted. I loved tutoring and felt it was very rewarding to be able to spend quality 1:1 time working with a student.
From London, UK