Eteach Group acquires Education Boutique to bolster its blended careers portfolio

Partnership creates a powerhouse of change-makers in the education industry.

The global Education Technology company, Eteach, has acquired Education Boutique as part of its plan to expand its range of products and services for every point in the education journey.

Discussing the decision, Rhys Howells, MD of the Eteach Group explained, “The world of tomorrow looks very different to yesterday and we believe that the landscape of education is set to undergo a transformation over the coming years. We see the blended world of teaching as a game changer for education. Whether that’s in a classroom or online, in a supply or permanent capacity, or as an advisor or tutor, without demographic or geographic restrictions or boundaries – and that’s a very exciting place to be!”

The global tutoring industry is one of the fastest growing areas of education, with up to 100,000 full-time tutors in the UK alone. Additional ‘catch-up’ learning being firmly on the government’s radar for children this summer and beyond, tutoring offers teachers an alternative or complimentary opportunity to their careers.

In addition to this, more parents and guardians are seeking a blended approach to their children’s learning than ever before. Access to a high quality, trusted tutoring partner has never been more important or in demand, particularly in a post-pandemic climate.

“This partnership strengthens our potential to support parents, educators and schools with access to highly skilled tutors. By joining forces with Eteach, we can take our message and our services to a wider audience and offer educators access to a blended career. With opportunities globally, the world really can become your classroom, resonating with our ‘learn anywhere’ ethos.”
It’s an industry-defining moment and we are excited and motivated for the opportunities this union affords.” – Lucy Spencer, founder and director, Education Boutique.

Eteach is a global EdTech company founded in 2001 by Paul Howells. Still an independent company, we believe that through constant innovation and challenging the status quo in education, we can continue to create cost-effective products and services that empower our customers to make greater investments in other priorities. With over 100 employees worldwide and HQ based in Bracknell, UK, Eteach is a growing business working FOR education and FOR the world of tomorrow.

Education Boutique
Education Boutique offers a complete tutoring solution to its clients, including private households, local borough councils, businesses and schools. From full-time placements to hourly or weekly tutoring, Education Boutique’s core term-time offering is enhanced by holiday courses and booster packages.
Founded in 2016 by Lucy Spencer, Education Boutique has become a trusted name within the tutoring industry. Enabling a ‘learn anywhere’ approach to education, with global access to world-class tutoring through its unique blended digital and physical learning solutions model.

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