One-to-one tutoring

When a child is lacking confidence or seeking extension and challenge, a period of tutoring has become the trusted method for success. Having a tutor feels a bit like having a teacher, who doesn’t have to juggle their time between a whole class, on your team. As a result, an hour of one-to-one tuition can equate to nearly three hours of class learning. 

What can we help with?

Education Boutique offer a full range of tutors to support clients with requirements ranging
from commonly requested core subjects, all the way to bespoke teams of tutors for Home Education.

Early Learning

Supporting early developmental challenges takes experience and we are there for our clients
every step of the way. At this age, we often support parents more than children directly.

Prep and Primary

Education Boutique support Key stage 1 and 2 development, paying particular
focus to 7+ and 11+ exams, whilst also encouraging all children to thrive. A strong
track record of supporting autistic children and a range of other SEN profiles including
academic acceleration, school refusal, PDA and mental health/anxiety.


From one-to-one subject specialists to revision workshops and career guidance, our team
supports young adults as they move through compulsory education.

Business English and Apprentices

In the world of work, our support continues for apprentices who need Functional Skills
support and businessmen and women, who want to improve their confidence in English.

Easy access to your one-to-one account

As soon as you make an enquiry, your information will be stored securely to allow us to match you with a one-to-one tutor. Once matched, after every lesson your tutor will record the lesson and send a short written report about what was covered.


In line with our company values, EB reports focus on three key areas and are always accessible to clients through their online portal.

  • Goals,
  • Areas for support,
  • Opportunities to extend 

Important Questions answered

Even during COVID, our selection process is rigorous. Initially, tutors upload all of their application documents onto our secure online portal, where a member of the matching team reviews the application. Tutors are asked a series of profile questions as well as having to upload their tutoring CV. Once the necessary documents have been uploaded we then invite successful applicants to attend a Zoom interview. This takes place with Lucy’s mum, an experienced personal assistant to some of the most successful head teachers and city bankers in the UK. This interview is recorded for Lucy to review and make a final decision. New for 2021, tutors will agree to a code of conduct formulated by the Tutors Association and if they need any guidance in the particulars of certain schools or entrance exams, a call is arranged with Lucy. 

Education Boutique require all tutors to have an up-to-date ‘Enhanced DBS’ but, during the course of 2021, will be moving towards all tutors having their DBS registered on the update service. 
For online tutoring, we use a mixture of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype but, prefer the former due to the passwords, room lock and waiting room features. At present we ask our tutors not to record sessions as the storage of video data is a complex one. This year, we will be introducing management drop-ins to lessons, where appropriate. 

The Safeguarding Lead for Education Boutique is Miss Lucy Alexandra Spencer who can be reached directly on 01344 374131 and pressing the correct number to raise a safeguarding concern when prompted. For more information on our safeguarding policy, please click here.

Before 2020, Education Boutique delivered 90% of it’s tutoring on a face to face basis. In March, like many businesses, our tutors pivoted to 100% tutoring online. Director, Lucy Spencer, trained hundreds of tutors, teachers and schools in the initial months of lockdown; gaining national media recognition. Our online teaching methods are progressive and engaging and this is a quality we seek in new tutors for the company.