Virtual School: Nick’s Confidence Karate

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Hello and welcome to this programme that will help you learn the fascinating art of Shotokan karate.

There are 7 lessons, including the first introductory free one (lesson 1). Each lesson is 30-35 minutes of video, and there is also a PDF to download and an interactive quiz for each lesson. This will help you remember the main points, and practice effectively.

You must understand that karate is a defensive art. It is not to be used in real life except in defence against an unprovoked attack. And that includes not using it against your brothers or sisters!

Why do you want to learn karate? What is it that interests you? If you follow the instructions in the videos, you will soon learn some traditional karate techniques that are very valid to the world we live in today. Because not only will they help you to defend yourself, they will help to keep you fit and supple, and I will also be introducing you to the mindset of a Black Belt, so you can understand how Black Belts think and behave.

And you can think this way too!

Let’s get started.