Life of a Private Tutor – 12 month coaching programme [2021]

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Welcome to my tutor business coaching programme. When I left teaching to start tutoring in 2016, I could never have imagined the opportunities that tutoring would bring. Being a Private Tutor has absolutely changed my life and I can’t wait to share the strategies I used, to help you achieve tutoring success.

– Lucy Spencer

I am delighted to welcome you to my 12 month tutor business coaching programme. I’ve carefully planned out the steps you need to take to scale your business in 2021.

In 2016, I left classroom teaching with no idea about running a business. Five years on, after a lot of hard work, I find myself in the fortunate position of being the Founder and Director of a tutoring agency labelled by ‘The Good Schools Guide’ as “one to watch”, Vice President of The Tutors Association and an experienced tutor within the UHNW sector.

During this process, I have come to the realisation that I love coaching other tutors. I find it incredibly rewarding and the testimonials I have been lucky enough to receive would suggest I’m not too bad at it either!
But…most importantly, people see results. I can’t wait to help you maximise your earning potential by remaining yourself, staying true to your vision and helping people learn!

In this 12 month coaching programme, we will adopt an affordable ‘blended’ style of coaching. At £59 per month, you receive a quarterly 1:1 coaching session with me, a monthly group coaching call + assignment and finally, a monthly recorded masterclass.
At all points, you are able to book extra 1:1 coaching if you need it (think big project launches or deep diving into your business**)

This course is only for you if you are serious about growing your business. For most of you, the monthly cost of the course will equate to around 3 hours of tutoring (unless you were quick and got the pre-sale price) and I hope to help you add multiple times that. There’ll be some straight talking, no nonsense conversations but always with clear actions to take after.

I am so excited to help you.

*Access to the recorded courses has no time limit.

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