Summer Story Writing: a creative writing course with Lucy

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Unlock your creativity this summer with EB’s Creative Writing Course!

Lucy is the Principal Tutor at Education Boutique, well known within the tutoring community for her passion and enthusiasm for inspiring confident creative writers. Having taken a year off from online masterclasses, due to Education Boutique being acquired by The Eteach Group, Lucy is delighted to be back in Summer 2023 to offer her unique masterclasses once again!




Who will benefit?

This creative writing masterclass will be best received by a range of students but particularly anyone preparing for 11+ and 13+ exams or school exams where they will have to create a narrative in a short space of time.




When will the Creative Writing Masterclass be held?
The course will commence towards the end of August, allowing learners to have break before ramping up the preparation for going back to school:

Before the course there will be a creative writing pdf pack sent where learners can complete some pre-course work. It is not necessary to have completed the PDF Pack in order to take the course.

Monday 21st August 13:00-14:00
Tuesday 22nd August 13:00-14:00
Wednesday 23rd August 13:00-14:00
Thursday 24th August 13:00-14:00
Friday 25th August 13:00-14:00

After the course there will be optional self-study activities set that learners can do in between or post course completion. The course does not include any marking but Lucy encourages students to send her examples of work and she will reply and maybe even share some with other learners.

What will learners need to participate in the course?

Participants will need a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone to access the lesson which will be held on Zoom Webinar. Learners will be able to focus on communicating with Lucy directly in the chat and will not be distracted by others. Therefore, students will need to be able to type but they don’t need to worry if they are a little slower to do this. A pad of paper and pen may also be useful as well as a bottle of water and maybe some snacks!




Meet your tutor: Lucy Alexandra Spencer

Lucy is a very friendly and approachable tutor who instantly builds a trusting rapport with even the most disengaged learners. Her enthusiasm for writing has been described as infectious and you definitely won’t want to miss the end of the lesson when Pablo and Picasso, her two chihuahua’s come to say hello!