NVR: The Cubes and Nets Method [Eight Rules] 06.04.21 @ 9-10am

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Love it or hate it, Non Verbal Reasoning is a part of most entrance exams at 11+. Notoriously tricky, the cubes and nets questions get a bit of a bad name as being a tricky question type. Lead Tutor and Director of Education Boutique, Lucy Spencer doesn’t think so and has developed an eight rule method to tackling Nets and Cubes without the need for folding in your head or any magnetic cubes. “All you need is yourself and the rules securely in your mind” she says. Using this method, Lucy has helped every student she has ever supported with NVR to confidently tackle the notorious question type. On Tuesday 6th April at 9am-10am, Lucy will take students through:
  1. Water squirting rule
  2. Top and bottom rule
  3. Opposites rule
  4. Alien shape rule
  5. L-shaped rule
  6. Wing rule
  7. Sleepy cube rule
  8. Compass rule
At the end of the hour, the children will have been introduced to all of the rules and will go away with a handy revision poster to print out and display when they are tackling the questions.

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