Long Writing [4 tasks and detailed feedback] Year 3 & 4

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Welcome to Education Boutique’s four week model and prompt Creative Writing Package. A new and unique course that guides and supports creative writing skills. 

  1. You will be given instructions on what to write (through written instructions, images and sentence starters), as well as being sent a high quality piece of writing on the same topic. The modelled writing piece serves to provide an example of the standard of work you are aiming for. 
  2. Once you have completed a writing task, email it through to brooke@educationboutique.co.uk for detailed feedback that will highlight strengths and targets.
  3. Writing pieces can be submitted as handwritten or typed up. We would recommend hand written, as you most often have to handwrite stories in exam/assessment situations. If you are wanting to work within a set time frame, we recommend attempting to complete the task in 45 minutes (you can add an extra 5 minutes for planning time).

We aim to have work marked and returned in 24 hours*


*If work is submitted on a Friday or over the weekend, marking/feedback will be sent out on Mondays.

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