Celebrating Stationery!

April – boy, are we glad to see you!

As well as bringing with it sunshine, warmth and hopefully brighter days to come, the end of the month sees a week long celebration dedicated to stationery! That’s right; National Stationery Week begins 20th April and runs through to 26th April.

Not only is stationery fun, bright and appealing; the right stationery can be purposeful too. Particular items can quickly become an essential part of a student’s learning tool kit, supporting learners in a variety of ways by:

  • assisting visual and tangible learners
  • motivating reluctant learners
  • organising the most unorganised students (and teachers & parents!!)
  • developing fine motor skills; assisting children to develop strength and stamina

There is an ever increasing stationery market these days and kitting out your children’s study spaces and pencil cases can add up! To help you out, check out Education Boutique’s favourites:

  • Stablio Easyergo – handwriting pencils and pens that encourage children to hold their pencils with the correct grip. Teachers and Occupational Therapists highly recommend this product and it is approved by the National Handwriting Association. Make sure to check for right handed and left handed products before purchasing!


  • Electronic Dictionary Bookmark – these are an amazing tool that will help children to enhance their vocabulary and ensure that children are understanding what they read. Children often come across new words when reading and when they don’t know what the word means, it can make the meaning of the sentence or paragraph confusing. With these bookmarks, children simply type in the unknown word and the bookmark will instantly display a dictionary definition.


  • Student Planners – these are ideal for helping to organise students’ timetables, homework, to do lists (which are so satisfying to tick/cross off!) and schedules.

www.wish.com have a variety of styles and designs to suit all tastes and budgets.

  • Highlighters – for children in upper primary school and high school, highlighters are a must. They serve to personalise study notes and are visually effective. wish.com have a wide range of fun and vibrant colours and styles.
  • Adhesive notes (aka sticky notes and post-its) – again, for older children, these are an amazing tool to assist with study notes.


  • Glass and Mirror felt pens – these vibrant, wipeable felt pens can write on mirrors and glass, making learning fun and exciting for students of all ages!



Brooke McClure, Lead Resource Teacher at Education Boutique

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