Education Boutique is much more than an agency

If you are thinking of home educating your child and are unsure of how you will document your learning each week, look no further than Education Boutique’s Home Ed Journal. The book lasts for a whole year and can be used by adults or children to journal their weekly learning experiences. Whether Home Educating or simply home schooling, this book with the perfect way to show evidence of thematic and real life learning.   

Have You heard of the Cadwaladr Quests? This best selling vocabulary novel was written by local best selling author, S.L.Ager. Education Boutique’s Lucy and Brooke were thrilled to collaborate and create a comprehension and creative writing workbook based on the novel. The book is perfect for students who are preparing for 11+ comprehension and creative writing exams and are a useful tool in addition to 11+ specimen papers. It’s a well known fact that vocabulary is a key factor in 11+ success and the novel and the accompanying workbook make the perfect pair.