What we are looking for in our trusted tutoring team...

Education Boutique are proud to be a part of the Eteach Group and support parents, schools, local authorities and hotels by providing industry leading vetting and safeguarding checks for tutors. We are looking for passionate educators. Whilst many schools prefer to be matched with educators who have QTS, we have many clients who recognise that there are many inspirational educators without. Therefore, as a company, we are always open to conversations with both qualified and unqualified educators. 

A flexible and fulfilling career

Many of our tutors come to us to secure day time tutoring work but we also have lots of after school, evening and weekend work. Most of our sessions are delivered on a one to one basis but we also have small groups of three and online large webinar opportunities available.

The first step to becoming part of the team

Whichever type of tutoring you offer, we would love to receive you application for our  hand-picked talent pool. We support children from Year 1 to Year 13. We provide tutors with opportunities to tutor during the daytime, evening, weekend and holidays.