Who we are drives what we do

Education Boutique offer a complete tutoring solution to its clients, which include: private households, local borough councils, businesses, private family offices and schools. The company, founded by Lucy Spencer in 2016, has become a trusted name within the tutoring industry. The company aims to enable a ‘learn anywhere’ approach to education through its unique blended model of learning. With roots in Berkshire, UK and clients around the world, the world really can become your classroom. 

"Tutoring has changed my life"

When I started tutoring, I wanted to help children find their inner drive and passion for learning. It soon became clear to me that I also wanted to support other educators and businesses, to demonstrate the opportunity that private tutoring can offer. 

Lucy Spencer, BA QTS MTA MCCT

Meet the team


If anyone understands the Education Boutique vision, it should probably be Lucy’s mother! Sarah helps Lucy with matching and interviews.

Brooke McClure


Lucy and Brooke met in Fego’s, Ascot when Brooke became Education Boutique’s first tutor. Since then, Brooke and Lucy have teamed up to publish three books and develop educational schemes of work from all over the world during their travels. 

Kenneth Education Boutique


Kenneth and Lucy met at an early morning networking event and hit it off over their love of breakfast, chihuahuas and travel. Kenneth’s team will be the friendly voices at the end of the phone when you call us.

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