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Inspired to create an educational legacy

Rhys Howells

The world of tomorrow looks very different to yesterday and we believe that the landscape of education is set to undergo a transformation over the coming years. We see the blended world of teaching as a game changer for education. Whether that’s in a classroom or online, in a supply or permanent capacity, or as an advisor or tutor, without demographic or geographic restrictions or boundaries – and that’s a very exciting place to be!

Lucy Alexandra Spencer

I remember sitting in lessons at school, questioning why everyone had to travel to learn in the same place. It’s clear there are some big changes on the horizon in education. Education Boutique’s main aim is to provide a consistent and trusted voice to guide our clients in their preparation for the world of tomorrow, whilst at the same time driving change.

Good Housekeeping - How to find a tutor

Lucy Spencer, Vice President of The Tutors’ Association, says that “Learning is more than the attainment of a grade. Many tutors take mental health first-aiding courses and can become a confidante to work through your academic struggles together with, away from the pressures of school. Tuition doesn’t have to be a big, expensive, sheetwork-based chore. You could tell stories, discuss the news, play games – it’s all customisable.”

Thames Valley Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2021

Lucy Alexandra Spencer was awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year by a panel of judges who were inspired by her achievements and courage to scale her tutoring business within five years. The judges commented on the sense of inspiration they all felt whilst reviewing the nomination and commented what a support she had been to people in the area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eteach and Education Boutique - 3 part webinar

Join Rhys Howells and Lucy Alexandra Spencer in a 3-part webinar series to learn more about the flexible nature of tutoring, how it can provide better outcomes to children and why we need to break down the barriers between teachers and tutors and come together as educators.

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