Inspiring a love of learning, anywhere in the world

Online and in-person tutoring

Education Boutique enables a ‘learn anywhere’ approach with global access to world-class tutoring, through digital and physical blended learning solutions. We help busy parents, households and schools by providing all levels of tutoring support, from one hour a week to full-time placements and newly qualified teachers to industry leading experts. Our core term-time offering is enhanced by holiday courses and booster packages.

Empowering Families

There’s a reason that so many families continue to use Education Boutique tutors as their educational support. Our hand selected tutors are always carefully matched to your needs and family values and Lucy is always on hand to offer advice. 


From inspirational whole school creative writing masterclasses to carefully curated programmes of one-to-one study with a tutor, Education Boutique’s school offering is innovative and constantly evolving as we talk to schools.

Empowering Educators

From your first day as a tutor to influencing change within the education sector, Education Boutique is committed to serving our tutors with the opportunity to educate globally and create a flexible and fulfilling teaching career.

An industry defining moment:
Education Boutique joins the Eteach group

the future of the national tutoring programme
- Education Boutique Highlights

Lucy Alexandra Spencer joined Sharon Cawley and Vanessa Leach for a round table discussion hosted by Qualified Tutor and the fantastic Lee Elliot Major MBE.