Trusted Tutoring for Schools, Local Authorities and Parents

Education Boutique is a tutoring business with a talent pool, which includes over 30,000 tutors. We hand select quality educators and carefully match them with the needs of our clients. Education Boutique’s core offering is ‘in-person’ tutoring supporting anything from early years to adult learning; entrance exams to home education and enrichment to SEND provision.  


Education Boutique are proud to be part of the Eteach Group, who currently work with 7,500 schools across the UK. We specialise in supporting schools with tutoring, either to utilise their School Led Tutoring Grant, or to provide in-person Alternative Provision, Interventions or Booster Sessions.

Schools love our clear communication and the report after every tutoring session. Our vetting and checking is also inline with the Single Central Register requirements.

Local Authorities

For quite a few years now, Education Boutique has been a trusted alternative provision provider for local authorities. Most of our work for our LA clients is to support children who are waiting for a suitable school placement to be found or transitioning to EOTAS packages. We have a huge network of tutors across Berkshire and the surrounding counties but are always open to partnerships in new areas due to our huge database of tutors.

We successfully support students, of all ages, as they transition back into an educational setting that is right for them. In 2021/22, 100% of our AP or EOTAS pupils recommend our services.


Parents trust Education Boutique to support all milestones in their child’s education. From early years to A Level, 7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams and specialist SEN support, our team will always be on hand to help and find you a shortlist of the best tutors for your desired outcome.

Parents who are looking for 1:1 support love the positivity, professionalism and experience of our tutors as well as our in-depth understanding of the independent and grammar school choices and routes. 

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