Education Boutique enables a ‘learn anywhere’ approach with global access to world-class tutoring, through digital and physical blended learning solutions. We help busy parents, households and schools by providing all levels of tutoring support, from one hour a week to full-time placements and newly qualified teachers to industry leading experts. Our core term-time offering is enhanced by holiday courses and booster packages.

"One to watch..."
- The Good Schools Guide

Who we are drives what we do

On leaving teaching, Lucy soon realised the demand for private tutoring was higher than ever imagined. As a result, she began to hand select tutors to join the Education Boutique team. Described my many as an ‘infectiously enthusiastic’ person, clients comment on the way the Education Boutique team share the same passion and drive to provide excellent educational support.

Lucy’s areas of specialism forms the foundation for our vision with the talented practitioners and dedicated parents placed at the heart of our offering.

In 2019, The Good Schools Guide described Education Boutique as ‘one to watch’ and Lucy started her tenure as Vice President of the Tutors’ Association, which highlights our commitment to make a difference to education.

Her personal journey has been deeply connected to the focus and direction for Education Boutique and we are continually excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Founder and Director, Education Boutique


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